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Monthly Management Fees:

Residential ONLY: Price per unit or house.

  • 1 – 10 units = $45.00/unit
  • 11 – 20 units  = $42.50/unit
  • 21 – 50 units = $40.00/unit
  • 50+ units, please call for a quote.

Other Fees:

  • *Repair service overhead = $5/service
  • Exterior property inspection = $35/each
  • Interior property inspection = $65/each
  • Leasing = $350 for each new lease
  • That’s it! We have no other fee. However, if owners require service outside the scope of property management, such as: on-site management, property sales, or preparing property for sale, modernization, fire or major damage restoration, representation before public agencies, attending owner’s association meeting, etc.,  they may negotiate compensation directly with our property managers, who are all licensed Realtors. As a bonus, owners will also enjoy discounted rate when selling their property through E-Realty. Please also read through out FAQs below, it will explains exactly how we will manage your property.
Property management bakersfield money back guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed:

Get up to THREE months of management fee refund if you feel we are not the right company for you.

How are we different?​

    Our entire operation, policies and procedures, was created to make sure our staffs will treat your properties as if it were theirs, but with all the “bell and whistle” of a property management company. WHY? because as landlords ourselves, we don’t want to pay high property management fees, having long vacancies, anxiety over eviction, bad tenants, unreliable handymen or contractors, and especially those crazy repair costs. Therefore, we created this company and operate it differently to minimize all of those problems and cost. Furthermore, as we grow bigger, we will leverage our “volume” to reduce cost and maximize our rental income even further. So JOIN US TODAY, help us help you, and together, let’s change the way property management works!

"E-Realty is on a mission to change the industry! Their efficiency make them a company YOU want to work with! My home was rented in 4 days."
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Frequently Asked Question!

Is E-Realty a local company?

     Yes, we are a local company and our office is located at 167 H St, Suite B, Bakersfield, CA 93304.

Is E-Realty a full-service property management company?

    Yes, we are a full-service property management company and our job is to make sure our owners do not have to “lift a figure” when it comes to dealing with tenants or worry about unreliable and overpriced handymen and contractors.

Is changing to a new property management company a complicate process? And will my rent collection be interrupted?

     We’ve made changing to a new property management company extremely simple. All you have to do is fill out and submit the form below. Once we receive your request, we will email you your property management agreement to review and sign. That’s it! Once signing is done, we will complete the transfer process with your tenant and your current property management company. There should be no interruption to the process of collecting your rent.

E-Realty's property management fees seem low, what's the catch?

     No “catch”, we operate differently than traditional “8 to 5” management companies. For example, we don’t hold regular office hours, only by appointment, and that is just ONE of the many reasons why we’ve been able to keep our property management fees low. Ironically, it also give us the flexibility to operate past 5pm and on weekends too, even Sundays, which translates into better service for our owners, tenants, and faster leasing time for our vacant properties.

How does E-Realty handle maintenance and repair of my property?

    At E-Realty, we don’t use “in-house” handymen because we believe it create “conflict of interest” with our owners. Instead, we negotiate with independent handymen a rate between $20 to $35/hr to maintain your property and the more works we give to them, the lower the rate we expect from them. Therefore, MOST of the repairs for your property will be done at the lower rate. This flexible rate not only helps us retain good & reliable handymen to work with,We also constantly compare invoices on similar works among handymen to make sure their rate is correct. 

Does E-Realty utilize licensed contractors?

     Yes, we do use licensed contractors to handle jobs that require license, high risk, or as specialists, they can get it done much more efficiently than handymen and cost about the same as handymen.  However, since their rates are usually twice as much as handymen’s, we always make sure their rate is competitive compared to their peers and we also expect reliability, honesty, and lower rate if we able to send more work their way. 

Will E-Realty notify me on large repair?

     Absolutely, per our management agreement, our property managers MUST obtain your approval for any “one item repair” that will cost over $250. Owner is also required to send in enough fund prior to property manager starting any repair that costs $1000 or more.

*What is the Repair Service Overhead's fee?

     This is the fee that we charge on top your maintenance or repair invoice to help us cover the cost of finding and maintaining good, reliable, and low-cost handymen and contractorsThis fee usually pays for itself many times over on each service because of the “discount” relationship that we have with our handymen and contractors. By the way, there are only about five maintenance or repairs per property per year, on average. 

Will E-Realty help me fix up my property when the tenant moves out? And how long does it usually take?

     Absolutely! Since owner will be losing on average $40/day when their property is vacant, there is no time to waste. Once the tenants vacates the property (or on new clients’ vacant properties), we will perform a full property inspection to note any issues, send in handyman and contractors to handle any maintenance issues and damages caused by the tenant, bill the tenant for their parts, and provide bids to the owner for any repair over $250 for approval. Depending on how fast owner gets back to us with their approval and the condition of the property, it typically take us on average NINE days to get the property back to showing condition after the tenant vacates it.  

Please note: If owner chooses to do the work,  it MUST be done in a (reasonable) professional quality or we may not be able to list it for rent.

How long does it take E-Realty to lease my property?

     Once the property is in showing condition, meaning most necessary and cosmetic repairs have been done and the property is cleaned, we will take pictures and list it for rent. On average, it takes us ONLY EIGHT days from the date the property is first listed for rent, to lease it to a qualified tenant.

How does E-Realty handle property inspection? And what if the tenant damages my property?

     Once a year we will charge the owner $35 to perform a random exterior property inspection. If we find any violation at the property, we will give the tenant a chance to fix it or we will fix it and charge the tenant. If we feel an interior inspection is needed, we will get the owner’s approval first. Owner may also request additional exterior or interior property inspection at any time they wish. 

Please note: We do not provide formal, written inspection report, only pictures and a property inspection checklist which notes any issue with the property, if any. If owner requests, we will upload them onto the their online account.

When can I expect to receive my Rent from E-Realty?

     Rents are typically paid out to owners during the middle of the month. 

How does E-Realty handle Eviction? And what is the cost of eviction?

    We usually file eviction if tenant still owes more than ONE MONTH RENT by the 15th of the month or more than $800 by the 27th of the month. We enacted this policy to give tenant a chance to catch up on rent when they fall behind, but they MUST pay something to show “good faith”. This policy also releases the owner from the vexing question of  “should I evict or should I wait?”, by setting a limit on how much tenant may owe in rent before eviction is filed. All evictions MUST be formally approved by the owner.

     A typical eviction in Bakersfield, CA costs about $550 for the initial court’s filing plus $250 each time attorney have to go to court. There’s also a sheriff’s “lock-out” fee of about $145, if lock-out is require.  Once eviction is filed, owner may choose to offer the tenant “Cash for Key” to help them move out sooner or work out a payment plan with the tenant at the trial under a court’s agreement, which will ensure owner is getting the property back if tenant fails to perform.

Still have question?

   We want you to be certain that we are the best management company for you, so if you still have any question, concerns, or idea/input to help us serve you better, please don’t hesitate to contact us, email to, text or just give us a call @ 661-630-3070. 

Thank you for your consideration!

"There are no solutions; only Trade-offs."

Thomas Sowell